Emoji literacy is becoming more and more of a necessary skill. From knowing which colour heart to send to getting what the eggplant really means, emojis are a coded language in and of themselves.

However, some messages are definitely easier to communicate than others. Sports lovers and foodies can browse relevant emojis at their leisure. But weed smokers don’t have the same luxury of choice when texting their buds about buds.

With an absence of cannabis emojis, you’ve got to get creative.

Here’s our guide to getting your point across in a woke manner.

💨 Suggests the action of smoking; clouds are the verbs of the weed emoji language.

🌱 Appropriate for a conversation about growing.

🌿 👀 How to tell your friend that you’re on the hunt for some grass.

🥦 ✅ The feeling when you’ve just replenished your stash.

🍀   Great addition to any weed conversation.

💆‍♀️ and/or 💆‍♂️: How to communicate that you’ve got a good buzz on. Should (potentially) be used in combination with one of the leaf emojis.

What emojis do you use when talking about pot? Did we miss any? Tweet us @TheReefMag or leave your fave emoji in the comments.


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