Saying bye to Broad City's weed culture icons

via Comedy Central

Last night, the first episode of Broad City’s fifth and final season aired on Comedy Central. For many fans, it’s the end of an era. Co-creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer (also co-stars in the show) will take their final toke this season, quitting while they’re ahead.

Leading up to the season premiere, Jacobson and Glazer have spoken at length about their choice to end the show, explaining that they’re at peace with the decision.

Even still, the choice to end something so iconic is heartbreaking to their loyal audience. Broad City’s genius is in addressing relatable things you’ve never seen on the big screen. Abbi and Ilana know what a pain your roommate’s shitty boyfriend is, and the confusion that constitutes navigating business casual (dog hoodies, anyone?). In the show, sex is casually discussed, experimented with, and it isn’t glamorized. Friendship is the holy grail. And smoking weed? It’s a way of life.

420 culture is an overarching narrative throughout Broad City, as central to the show’s plot as the individual story lines. From the very first episode, it’s normalized as a part of the character’s lives. Jacobson and Glazer brought weed to television in the most Broad City way possible: by taking relatable moments that everyone (well, especially stoners) can recognize, and making them hilarious.

The most iconic of these moments is probably the “Pussy Weed” episode: Ilana walks into Abbi’s room and casually pulls weed out of her vagina, calling it “nature’s pocket.” This disgusts Abbi, prompting her to “grow up” and buy her own pot. The two search New York attempting to find her a dealer, first by calling college buddies who are now moms, and then by asking randos for pot in Central Park. After finally managing to score some green, Abbi gets too baked to function, realizing she isn’t equipped to handle her own supply.

via Comedy Central

Weed serves many purposes throughout Broad City: it’s a form of relaxation, a tool of empowerment, a catalyst of friendship and even a way to find Ilana’s remote. And while the individual moments of comedy are crucial, Broad City will also leave a lasting legacy that paints cannabis as a beloved and complex product, and an imperative part of culture today.


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