Science says east coasters use more cannabis than people in BC.

A recent survey from Statistics Canada, conducted between November and December 2018, reports that legalizing cannabis hasn’t really altered the number of people who use it.

The National Cannabis Survey found that 4.6 million or 15% of Canadians aged 15 and older reported using cannabis in 2018’s fourth quarter. StatsCan said that percentage was similar to the one reported before legalization.

The survey released data on a variety of other factors, such as rates of consumption. Statistics Canada found that Nova Scotians (still) consume the most weed in the country, and men (19% of the population) consume cannabis more than women (11%).

Some new data has come from the post-legalization survey, too. For example, the survey found that medical cannabis users with documentation are more likely to access the drug legally than non-medical users. StatsCan also reported that “the method chosen to consume cannabis can depend on the reasons for use” and that medical users are also less likely to opt for smoking as their method of consumption.

Unsurprisingly, if people used cannabis in the past, they reported being more likely to use cannabis in 2019. The large majority (98%) of people who have never tried cannabis said they don’t plan on using it in the upcoming three months. Most frequent users (daily and weekly) predicted they would continue to use cannabis in the next few months at their regular level of frequency.

When it comes to deciding where to purchase the drug, quality and safety are the biggest concerns for consumers (76%), followed by lowest price (38%) and accessibility (33%).

via Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada is conducting the National Cannabis Survey every three months. The government research agency is also gathering anonymous data on the prices of cannabis over at StatsCannabis.


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