Ayyy it happens to the best of us. Here’s some tried-and-true(for-me) advice:

  • Roll With The Dialogue In Your Head

Sometimes when I get overbuzzed, it feels like the volume is cranked on my internal dialogue. My thoughts get loud and overbearingly racy. But I don’t like fighting the state that I am in, whether that’s emotional, physical or THC-derived. Instead of swimming upstream of the inner-rambles, I try to excavate the energy through list-making, freefall creative writing, or journaling. Sometimes I listen to podcasts and records, taking notes or doodling lyrics. Even if I’m making little sense, getting that voice down and out always feels better than panicking.

  • Excuse Yourself, And Get Grounded

If you’re in public and a Dear Diary entry isn’t possible, find a washroom or quiet place where you can catch your breath (inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4). Sometimes I’ll slip away to wash my hands, or roll essential oils on my wrist, letting the warm water and pleasing scents bring me back into my body. As a Taurus, sensory coziness is my jam and when I’m getting recreational I like to surround myself with grounding trinkets that keep from getting more ~spacey~ than usual.

If you’re feeling weed-woozy and like you might pass out, do not go alone to a bathroom. Passing-out + porcelain can make for serious collateral. 

  • Tell Somebody

If you can’t tell the friends you toke with that you’re tripping…find new friends.

If you’re feeling really paranoid and weird from said tripping, try texting a buddy who isn’t there. It’s sometimes easier to be vulnerable over SMS which yes can be problematic but also, can be utilized for good.

  • Avoid Altering With Other Substances

Beer won’t help if you’re too high. Mushies won’t help if you’re too high. Caffeine won’t help if you’re too high. Don’t @ me.


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