Cannabis crusader Annie MacEachern has three tips for people who are new to weed, or haven’t used it in a while. Take your recreational use seriously, and you’ll be fine.

1“Start low and go slow. Always,” says MacEachern. Take a low dose at first—whether that’s from a vape, a joint or an edible—and only add more slowly, after you know what that first dose is ding for you. This is good advice for doob noobs, but also for when an experienced user is trying a new strain or product. “Just take a few inhales at first and see how you feel.”

2“Always stay hydrated.” And not with booze. “Making sure you’ve got water is so, so important. Beyond the cottonmouth discomfort.” That may sound like common sense, but it bears repeating because getting high may result in uncommon sense: Drinking water will make your mouth less dry.

3 “If you do find yourself in a state of paranoia or hysteria because the strain doesn’t agree with you, find some black pepper. The beta-caryophyllene in pepper is a terpene that will help neutralize the psychoactive THC that has gone into the bloodstream, so it is going to kind of even you back down. Cannabis is a plant, and we can use other plants to alter the effects that it has on us.”

black pepper
Annie MacEachern says black pepper can soothe freak-outs.


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