Sue Siri, Drink Mallow 
Although Sue Siri doesn’t consume cannabis herself, she had an “a-ha” moment when her friend got way too high from eating edibles for the first time. Hearing of this sparked an idea: There’s an opportunity to help people who unintentionally get themselves in this situation. So Siri did extensive research to develop recipes that relieve symptoms like dry mouth, dehydration, anxiety and general THC overdose. The main active ingredient these bottled tonics and loose-leaf teas is marshmallow root (where the biz got its name), which works to coat the gut and prevent it from absorbing more THC. Also on the ingredient list is coconut (hydrating) and black pepper (absorbs THC), spearmint (relaxation) and more. These relaxation potions aren’t available in stores currently, but you can order through or check them out on the ‘gram at @drink.mallow
$3.65 (tonic) and $17.95 (loose leaf tea)


Jessie Wright, JAW Pottery 
Jessie Wright is a wheel-throw-based potter and the creator of JAW Pottery: A distinct collection of splattered, brightly coloured mugs, bowls, planters and plates. Since legalization, Wright has also dabbled with selling pipes, which she makes on her wheel too, then alters. “I always wanted to make my own pipes, but as an awkward introvert working out of community studios, I was always too nervous. Now that I have my own studio, and weed is legal, it opens up a more confident conversation about creating cannabis products,” she says. People can get in touch with her through if interested in buying these handmade beauties. $45-$55


Em Keans, Forged Coast 
“I like to fill my life with intentional products,” says Em Keans, owner and goldsmith behind the handcrafted jewellery business Forged Coast Studio. Keans puts effort into beautifying her daily routines: She takes care in picking out her journals and loves using nice pens. But Keans recently noticed that her evening ritual was lacking such care. This realization inspired her newest line of cannabis-friendly jewellery and accessories. Although Keans was originally hesitant to post these pot-related products on Instagram—she’s worked hard to make it professional—her line has been met with overwhelming response. In particular, Keans’ cannabis necklace has been her most successful product ever. “It’s reassuring that this is a market that’s opening up,” says Keans. She hopes that this intentional line helps to prove that “you can be a professional and still consume at night.” People can order these products on her website at, or purchase them at SKOSHA (5553 Clyde Street). $52-$67


Anna Taylor, Taylor Made
You may know her feminist embroidery and carefully painted sex toys, but did you know Anna Taylor also sells smoking accessories? Taylor started making them when she was looking for something classy to smoke out of herself. “I wanted an elegant one-hitter that was enjoyable to smoke,” she says. “I smoke in small amounts, almost more like grazing than…blazing.” The pipes and one-hitters are hand-built porcelain, hand-painted and produced in small batches. Follow @taylormade_xox on Instagram to grab one. 
$45 and up



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