The “toke and soak” is just right. Smoking weed increases the desire for things that engage all the senses. We pot-smokers want a full-body, immersive experience to really elevate that high, so there is a natural jump from smoking a joint to relaxing in a warm bath.

And, like the theme of the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie children’s books, once a stoner draws their bath, they’re going to want a bath bomb to go with it.

Baths and the bombs we throw in them pair with good bud like a sharp cheddar does with an aged Merlot. Just kidding—I’m not that fancy. But this isn’t rocket science here. Sweet smells and bursts of colours? Pothead’s paradise.


Woman in an exotic flower-filled bathtub
With the right combination of weed and bath bombs, this is EXACTLY what your tub time will feel like.

My supplier of choice is Lush. Basic, I know, but this company has the art of bathing mastered. It did invent the bath bomb, after all. It’s got such an extensive range that you can actually match the scents to your mood and, consequently, your high.

But Lush is far from the only option. You can even take your toke and soak one step further, by bringing the weed into the water with cannabis-infused bath bombs.

Last night, I paired Lush’s Metamorphosis bath bomb with the Tranquility fizzer from Remedi Essentials. With these two bombs combined, it was about a $25 bath infused with sandalwood, lavender buds, 25mg of THC, 10mg of CBD and glitter. Metamorphosis put on quite a show, while the pot-infused one sort of crumbled and sank to the bottom. Once they were both dissolved I slipped into a near catatonic state.

I almost drowned. In a good way.

Not only was this bath relaxing, the weed bomb made my skin tingle and my arms feel weightless. Paired with the strong spicy, herbal scent of the Lush fizzer, this combo reaffirmed what I already knew to be true. Baths and weed forever.


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