As stigma begins to fade and legalization becomes the norm, what’s revealed is a heavily male dominated industry. Huffington Post reported that in Canada’s cannabis industry, there are just 8 female CEOs; by contrast, there are 92 male CEOs. It can difficult for women to find their own voice and community in this male-centric business. Luckily, there are online communities looking to fill that void.

Here are our top three cannabis resources written by women.

Miss Grass

Miss Grass is both a shop and publication for “women, cannabis and good living.” The Los Angeles-based website, co-founded by Canadian Anna Duckworth, is both a shop and a publication: the magazine publishes a variety of lifestyle stories and the shop sells a curated selection of beautiful cannabis products and accessories. “From cannabis basics to fitness, beauty to smoking etiquette, the war on drugs to healing lube, food to Mercury’s retrograde, Miss Grass is your benevolent guide.”


According to their site, Allume is Quebec’s first pot-centric brand catered to women. It’s an online space where both “cannacurious and seasoned tokers” alike are welcome. Browse Allume’s selection of crafted products online, or sign up for their monthly Chill Box, a curated selection of 5-8 products designed to spice up your next chill sesh. Allume also produces original content, like photo series and articles.

Flower and Freedom

Flower and Freedom is a community of fitness lovers who use cannabis for health and wellness reasons. In 2016, the Vancouver-based founder Bethany Rae was “inspired to personally show what a healthy life with cannabis can look like after experiencing judgement and negative stereotypes while exploring cannabis for her own health and wellness.” In addition to the written resources on the website, Flower and Freedom hosts cannabis workshops, both in-person and online.


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